5 of the biggest fake news stories from 2016


We live in a 'post-truth' era, or at least according to Oxford Dictionaries which named it 'word of the year' in its annual poll. 

Facebook is getting intense scrutiny for failing to filter out fake news from the platform, forcing Mark Zuckerberg, after initial hesitation, to introduce a series of updates aimed at preventing the spread of hoaxes as well as false and misleading news. 

We had a look at 2016's most viral news stories that were also spectacularly fake:

Corona beer founder

It was the perfect feel-good story for 2016. After his death, the founder of Corona beer, Antonino Fernandez, generously leaves 200m euros (£169m; $208m) to the 80 residents of Cerezales, the Spanish village where he was born and raised.  Read more...

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